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News August 28, 2006 Issue

IM Insight Summer Movie Reviews

Forget "Snakes on a Plane."

For real entertainment this summer, youíll want to check out the latest SEC video, titled "A Tradition of Excellence."

(Windows Media Player)


Itís a real tear-jerker, featuring heart-string-tugging music and nostalgic black-and-white pictures.

And is it us, or does SEC Chairman Christopher Cox talking about the staff sound just like Casey Kasem delivering a long-distance dedication?

Whatever the reason, itíll make you feel all warm and fuzzy about the SEC. We give it a two big thumbs up.

To round out your SEC film fest, check out the techno-rock recruiting video, "Make a Difference: Work for the SEC." While lacking the emotional pull of "A Tradition of Excellence," the special effects are not to be missed.

(Windows Media Player)