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News September 13, 2004 Issue

IARD News . . .

One-Time Migrating Process. The next time you log onto IARD, donít be surprised if youíre asked to fill out a new Entitlement Login screen in order to access the system. The technical folks at NASD have launched a new platform, and the information youíll be asked to provide will allow the old platform to migrate your IARD access and entitlement privileges to the new platform. According to the NASD, itís simply a matter of following the directions on the screen after you log in, and youíll only need to go through it once. (But just in case you find itís not so simple, the NASD has prepared a lengthy Q&A on migration issues.)

The migration process also applies to WebCRD and a handful of other NASD systems. However, a migration on IARD will automatically migrate you on WebCRD and the other NASD systems, and vice-versa.

New Entitlement Forms. If you are submitting a new application for IARD Entitlement (if, for example, youíve created a new advisory firm), make sure to use the NASDís snazzy new entitlement forms, available on the NASDís website. The NASD is no longer accepting entitlement applications submitted on the old versions of the forms.

IARD Training. Still not fluent in IARD? You may want to consider attending one of two NASD-sponsored training sessions. One, focusing just on IARD, will be held October 4 in Rockville, Maryland. The other, a two-day session covering both the CRD and IARD, will be held September 30 to October 1 in St. Louis, Missouri. According to the NASD, the sessions are designed for individuals who are new to registration and licensing, new to the CRD and/or IARD, or who just want to receive "refresher training and registration tips." Speaking of tips: If you are interested, act fast. The three other sessions already are filled (but have waiting lists).

New Part 2 Build Out. NASD is working on building out IARD to accept Part 2 of Form ADV (the final Part 2 is expected from the SEC this winter). The new system will accept uploads of pdfs of Part 2 brochures.