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News July 18, 2011 Issue

Monster On The Loose

Law firm Morrison & Foerster has always had a healthy sense of humor. The self-dubbed "MoFo" uses the nickname on everything from its website to its internal newsletter (MoFo Info) to Internet organizing tools (you can create "MoFolders" on the website).

Now the firm has gone one better, and created a client website to navigate financial regulatory reform that likens the Dodd-Frank Act to Mary Shelley’s fright monster, Frankenstein.

"" observes that the DFA is "bolted together from 15 separate laws," and at a recent firm event showcasing the website, one participant observed that, like the creation of Frankenstein, the intent of the law was to "rein in the human instinct of ambition, even as it approaches destructive hubris."

The FrankNDodd website is only available to clients of the firm. However, the main website also contains a wealth of summary and analysis, as do many other firms, that is freely available.