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News August 29, 2011 Issue

Hedge Funds on the Verge

Just when you thought the financial markets have lost their sense of humor, here comes "The Hedge Fund Implode-O-Meter," a tongue-in-cheek website about "hubris, extreme leverage, and other people’s money."

At, readers can decide whether they are the "one" in 25 business leaders that may be a psychopath, read a review of the ETF that lets you pretend you own gold, and download Morgan Stanley’s "Complete Moral Hazard Profit Guide."

Contributors haggle over the real and imagined possibilities of a third round of quantitative easing ("printing money") by the Federal Reserve, and the site even tells you how to get a gold and silver transaction app for your smartphone.

There’s some real information on the site, as well as lists and related stories of long-gone and currently endangered funds, popular blog links, and of course, advertisements from some of the biggest players on the Street.

The next time you’re ready for some mental recreation, or you just need a break from your busy day, wander over and read about the petition to abolish the Fed, or hop a link to "PlanetMath."