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News December 19, 2011 Issue

Ho Ho Ho?

Still looking for a gift for that special someone? Canít figure out what to get the guy who has everything?

Have we got a read for you.

"Santa Clause is Alive and Well and Living on Wall Street," a book by author Bruce Gauthier, has been released with the holidays in mind. Sort of.

Gauthierís holiday gift is a warning to the "great unwashed" to keep their money under their mattresses and out of the stock markets. Conceived and written during the financial meltdown that ultimately produced the Dodd-Frank Act, the book correctly observes that Wall Street is all about making money, and Gauthier notes that it takes no prisoners along the way.

The book is filled with lots of entertaining quotes from lots of people, many of which are funny, wry, and occasionally scary (the quotes and the people).

"There is no sanity clause!" he puns, as he disclaims being an adviser or that his opinions should be viewed as an invitation or solicitation to trade.

For trading advice, Gauthier says to contact an investment professional, or "find a nice bottle of wine and have a glass and wonder what the rich people did with your money."

Happy Holidays!