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News April 2, 2012 Issue

Advertisement - PEI Private Fund Compliance Forum 2012

Private Equity International Presents Its 

Private Fund Compliance Forum 2012

May 2-3, 2012, New York Marriott Downtown, New York     

Ensure that you are fully prepared for the post-registration era:

  • Explore the impact of the new regulaions on your firm
  • Examine best practices for addressing anti-corruption issues
  • Learn how to prepare for an SEC exam with our mock audit session 
  • Assess the new era of fundraising and marketing and how they are applicable to you 
  • Develop your understanding of insider trading and restricted lists 
  • Find out how best to conduct an effective annual review

Featured speakers:

Alan Halfenger, Chief Compliance Officer, Bain Capital

Carlo di Florio, Director, SEC Office of Compliance, Inspections and Examinations

Register today at

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For more information about the program, phone +1 212 645 1919 x115 or email