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News May 21 & 28, 2012 Issue

Special Double Issue – Focus on FINRA

Itís the unofficial start of summer, and time to catch up on all your reading.

Like it or not, FINRA actions and guidance can be relevant to all investment advisers, not only dual registrants or those advisers with affiliated broker-dealers. (And not just because FINRA likes to blur the lines and call registered representatives "financial advisers," either.)

FINRA offers focus areas for compliance programs, compliance best practices, target issues for examinations, and enforcement actions that can all provide food for thought in the development and maintenance of your own compliance program.

Also, FINRA has offered guidance on various issues in the first instance where the SEC has yet to do so for advisers, for example, on topics such as anti-money laundering, and until recently, social media. Even subject matters for which the SEC has offered guidance can be augmented with additional considerations.

As legislators and regulators move forward on a "harmonized" regulatory scheme for investment advisers and broker-dealers, keeping an eye on developments at the largest first-line regulator for broker-dealers is more important than ever.

Hereís a quick tour around whatís happening over at FINRA, besides their regular attempts at world domination, a/k/a becoming the go-to SRO for advisers.