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News June 6, 2005 Issue

A List of All The CCOutreach Dates

Coming soon to a city near you!

Northeast Regional Office

New York City, (212) 336-1100

  • June 22 in Princeton, NJ
  • June 29 in Syracuse, NY
  • July 18 in New York City

Boston District Office

(617) 573-8900

  • June 21 in New Haven CT
  • June 24 in Boston, MA
  • June 28 in Wellesley, MA

Philadelphia District Office

(215) 597-3100

  • June 22 in Pikesville, MD (outside Baltimore)
  • June 23 in Richmond, VA
  • June 24 in Conshohocken, PA (outside Philly)

Southeast Regional Office

Miami, FL, (305) 982-6300

Miami is doing things a bit differently. Even before SEC headquarters announced the national CCOutreach program, the office had begun a joint outreach program with the NASD and the State of Florida. NASD officials discuss the IARD system and a panel of state and SEC officials discuss common examination issues. There have been two programs so far, with three to go:

  • June 28 in Orlando
  • "Most likely" July 27 in Palm Beach
  • Sometime in August for Naples/Fort Meyers

Atlanta District Office

(404) 842-7600

  • June 17 in Atlanta, GA
  • June 27 in Charlottesville, NC
  • June 29 in Birmingham, AL

Midwest Regional Office

Chicago, IL, (312) 353-7390

  • June 21 in Chicago, IL
  • June 27 in Minneapolis, MN
  • July 21 in Columbus, OH

Central Regional Office

Denver, CO, (303) 844-1000

  • June 28 in Denver, CO
  • July 19 in Denver, CO
  • August 30 in Denver, CO

Fort Worth District Office

(817) 978-3821

  • June 6 in Houston, TX
  • June 8 in Dallas, TX
  • June 10 "near" but not "in" the Dallas/Fort Worth airport

Salt Lake District Office

(801) 524-5796

"We are not doing any," said district administrator Ken Israel. "They decided there weren’t enough registrants here." Israel said that CCOs in his district are being invited to attend one of the Central Regional Office’s seminars in Denver.

Pacific Regional Office

Los Angeles, CA, (323) 965-3998

  • May 20 in Anaheim, CA
  • May 24 in Los Angeles, CA
  • May 26 in Del Mar, CA

San Francisco District Office

(415) 705-2500

  • June 21 in San Francisco, CA
  • June 23 in Santa Clara, CA
  • June 28 in Seattle, WA