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Welcome to the New ACA Insight

If you think you’ve accidentally come to the wrong web page, you haven’t. You’ve arrived at the new, much-improved home page for ACA Insight.

Take a few minutes to explore the site after you log in with your email and password at the upper right corner of the home page (you'll won't be asked to do this again until after you log out. If you have forgotten your login credentials, please click here to reset your password.) You’ll find enhanced functionality and smoother transitions between pages, dynamic new graphics, and new benefits, including audio interviews with authoritative compliance experts and webinars designed to help your firm stay in compliance.

One benefit that has not changed – and never will – is the articles provided. You’ll get the same high-quality news, analysis and best practices that you’ve come to expect from ACA Insight right on the home page, only now delivered in a more user-friendly fashion. For those of you who prefer to print the .pdf version of the newsletter, you can still do so (see the headline on the home page just below this story).

Clients and paid subscribers now need to enter their email and password only once to have full access to the site. No more additional questions blocking you from the content. Enter your email and password once and you will have unencumbered navigation until you log out.

Here’s a quick rundown of the site:

  • News. This remains the heart of ACA Insight, and you can find the most recent news stories in the main column on the home page. The latest stories are on top, followed by a large selection of stories from recent issues that we think you’ll find important to help you stay in compliance. When you open each story, you’ll find easier-to-read graphics, as well as the ability to send the article to a friend or email the ACA Insight editor directly. At the bottom of each story are links to other stories on the same topic, providing you with additional tools for compliance.
  • Audio interviews. Whether it’s Stroock partner and former SEC Division of Investment Management deputy director Robert Plaze talking about the hidden costs of non-compliance, Investment Adviser Association president and chief executive officer Karen Barr speaking on changes in SEC examinations, or other interviews coming your way in the weeks ahead, these approximately 10 to 20 minute conversations with authoritative newsmakers provide key insights into adviser compliance to help you and your firm.
  • Webinars and videos. It’s like your own personal classroom. Whether the topic is cybersecurity or another important compliance subject, clients and paid subscribers to ACA Insight will have free access to these how-to webinars, with hands-on nuts-and-bolts advice for meeting specific challenges. More will be added on a continuing basis.
  • Past issue archive. ACA Insight has been around since 2004. That’s more than a decade as the authoritative voice on adviser compliance, and clients and paid subscribers have full access to each and every issue published since then. Just click on the Past Issues link in the horizontal navigation bar near the top of the home page.
  • Topic search and keyword search. Need to tap ACA Insight’s resources for knowledge on a particular topic, such as custody? Two solutions are available: You can simply type the word “custody” in the search field at the top of the right hand column and find a listing of every article published where the word “custody” appears. You can also refine your search by clicking on “Advanced Search” (just below the Search field) and refine your search terms further. The second solution is to click on the Topics link in the horizontal navigation bar near the top of the home page. You’ll see a list of established story topics, including “Custody.” Click on the topic and you will be taken to an archive of past stories to help you out.

In addition, you’ll find other links on the ACA Insight home page that will, among other things, take you to the ACA Compliance Group web site, a listing of upcoming webinars, or your own account settings, where you can change your password and more. There’s also a Contact link in the horizontal navigation bar near the top of the home page where you can directly email the editor, as well as get his phone number in case you want to speak with him. Take advantage of it – that’s what it’s there for.

Please note that the current page is not the final say in improvements. New enhancements will be added as the months progress, each one carefully considered and designed with your needs in mind.

We hope you find the new ACA Insight web page a welcome addition.