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June 20, 2016

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Two Hedge Fund Managers at Same Firm Face Separate Insider Trading Charges

Whatís worse than one hedge fund manager charged with insider trading at your firm? Two hedge fund managers charged with insider trading. This might usually be said in humor, but not in this case.
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House Bill Would Ease Burden on Investment Advisers

The House Financial Services Committee on July 16 passed a bill with bipartisan support that would ease the regulatory burden on investment advisers, particularly those managing private funds. But while welcomed by some key players in the financial services industry, it has a long way to go before becoming law.
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Pushing Losses to the Next Month to Realize Fees Not a Good Strategy

Donít push losses off until tomorrow if they occur today. That would seem to be the guiding principle behind the SECís complaint last month against a hedge fund manager that, the agency claims, orchestrated gains and losses among two funds so that they would each show gains Ė and the adviser could reap incentive payments.
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