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News October 10, 2005 Issue

Actually, They Were Happy Campers

Industry lawyers pooh-poohed the idea of the SEC’s CCOutreach program, quickly nick-named "Camp CCO" at conferences.

But according to OCIE director Lori Richards, the 1,200-plus CCOs who attended the 25 or so regional seminars had a pretty good time.

In fact, 91 percent of the CCOs who completed anonymous evaluations after attending the seminars said that the relevance, effectiveness of the speakers, and presentation of materials was either "good" or "excellent," said Richards in a recent speech. Seventy-nine percent said that the presentations were "just right" on a scale of too basic to too advanced.

Richards also recited a number of comments that were received from CCOs, such as "it seems the SEC is moving toward a more hands on approach which I feel would be very helpful" and "it was worth the expense to attend and well worth my time."

We hear the ‘smores were pretty good, too.