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Topic: Gifts

Holiday Compliance: It’s Not Just Gifts, It’s Client and Vendor Parties

December 7, 2018
Every year at this time, advisory firms and their employees take a fresh look at their gift and entertainment policies to ensure that there are no compliance problems and that everyone knows what is expected. While many employees are aware of their firmsí dollar limits for receiving or giving gifts, there is another issue that draws less attention: employee attendance at holiday parties thrown by clients, prospective clients, vendors or other third parties.

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Don’t Fear the Grinch: Catch Employees Who Violate Holiday Gift Policies

December 1, 2017
With the holiday season upon us, the question of compliance with gift and entertainment policies and procedures rises anew. Advisory firms with strong cultures of compliance may believe that they have few, if any, violators of their firmsí gift requirements. Yet even with a 99 percent compliance rate, a firm with 100 employees will still have one violator.

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'Tis the Season for Gift-Giving Policies and Procedures

December 16, 2016
Whether advisory firm employees are gift-givers or gift-receivers this month, they need to make sure they follow not only gift regulations, but the firmís policies and procedures. Chief compliance officers should make use of the holiday spirit to ensure that their firmís policies and procedures are in accordance with regulatory requirements, and that they are followed.

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FINRA Proposes Raising Gift Limit

August 19, 2016
Twenty-four years may seem like a long time to some, but apparently not to FINRA, which this month proposed increasing its limit on gifts provided by broker-dealers from $100 to $175 to account for inflation. Itís the first such increase in the gift limit since 1992.

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Holiday Warning: Giving Gifts May Be Just as Bad as Receiving Them

December 10, 2015
It may be the season of giving, but if youíre an investment adviser seeking to influence a client, investor, service provider or some other party, better think twice.

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Guidance Update Requires Funds to Address Adviser Gifts and Entertainment

March 6, 2015
Donít be done in by a gift to the adviser managing your fund.

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Holiday Gifts: Be On the Lookout for Discounts

December 5, 2014
The holidays are upon us, and for chief compliance officers, that means more than songs and egg nog.

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Look a Gift Horse in the Mouth: Crack Down on Employee Freebies

December 21, 2013

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