About Us

ACA Insight is a weekly newsletter that provides investment adviser compliance officers and attorneys with the news, analysis and best practices they need to help them ensure that their firms are in compliance with securities laws and regulations.

ACA Insight strives to do three things:

1. Act as your radar screen. If the SEC, DOL, FINRA, states, or Congress do or say something that affects SEC-registered advisers, ACA Insight will bring it to your attention right away. ACA Insight is concise, reliable, and relevant.

2. Provide you with best practices. For each new regulatory challenge, ACA Insight will provide you with steps you can take to help get your own firm in compliance. ACA Insight translates the legalese into straightforward plain English, so you can get a quick overview of what a new rule requires, analysis of what it means, and nuts-and-bolts steps to help you comply. Moreover, ACA Insight highlights emerging interpretive issues spotted by top investment management lawyers, as well as the practical issues that compliance officers on the ground grapple with.

3. Keep your finger on the pulse. Each week, ACA Insight talks to a variety of industry participants – compliance officers, regulators, in-house counsel, vendors, top law firm partners – and solicits their informal and candid views on a variety of topics. These articles provide you with crucial insight on where the industry is going in particular areas.