Nearly One in Four SEC-Registered Advisers Runs a Hedge Fund, Report Finds

The Investment Adviser Association and National Regulatory Services have issued their sixth annual “Evolution/Revolution” report on the state of the investment adviser profession. The twenty-page report analyzes industry trends gleaned from IARD data as of April 7, 2006. The annual Evolution/Revolution reports provide a handy snapshot for year-to-year comparison of IARD data. However, the data in […]

Handy List of SEC Resources

Who ya gonna call? To help you answer that question, the SEC has created a new “Helpful Resources” directory on its website. Heres a handy list of the information:I. Help Lines Form ADV Helpline – (202) 551-6999 or IARDlive@sec.govFor questions about: Adviser registration and interpreting and completing Form ADV. Also see the SECs IARD FAQ, which […]

A Bit More On Texas

As it turns out, Texas really does want U-4s for each of your notice-filed reps. But theres some good news for hedge fund managers: The long arm of Texas law may not reach as far as you might have feared. Last week, IM Insight caught up with Texas State Securities Board Commissioner Denise Voigt Crawford […]

Texas Messes With IAR Notice Filings and Out-of-State Hedge Fund Advisers

The good folks at the Texas State Securities Board recently received a batch of IARD statistics from the NASD. They took a look at the number of SEC-registered advisers that had ticked the “Texas” box in Item 2.B. of Form ADV. And then they looked at the number of SEC-registered advisers that had registered or […]

Form ADV: What Has to Be Updated, When?

Congratulations to all you hedge fund managers that have recently filed your Form ADV with the SEC. Now, make sure you keep it updated. The general rule: Once a year, youve got to take a look at everything on the form and make sure its up-to-date. But youve also got to keep an eye on […]

Hedge Fund Manager Registration Draws to a Close

When the SEC adopted the hedge fund manager registration rule, it estimated that between 690 and 1,260 hedge fund advisers would be required to register.As it turns out, that was a pretty good estimate. As of February 1, the compliance date of the rule, 934 new hedge fund managers had registered with the SEC as […]

IARD Renewal Season Coming to a Close

The NASD has issued a Notice to Members urging firms to log in to the CRD/IARD system and check out their Final Renewal Statement and Final Renewal Report.Firms whose Final Renewal Statement reflects a zero balance dont have to do anything. However, if it reflects an amount due, the firm must pay the NASD no later […]

SEC to Defer of Effective Date of New Adviser Applications

Attention hedge fund managers getting ready to register with the SEC as investment advisers: regardless of when you file your Form ADV, your registration wont be declared effective until January 3, 2006, at the earliest. Thats a good thing. But for the deferral, new registrants with December 31 fiscal year ends would be hit with […]

Key Dates in IARD Renewal Season

When it comes to IARD, the season of renewal isnt spring. Its fall. Here are the key dates to watch for, as set out in the NASDs 2006 IARD Renewal Program bulletin:November 21 – Preliminary Renewal Statements will be available for viewing and printing.December 14 – due date for payment of the fees listed on […]

New IARD Feature Allows SEC to Send E-mails Directly to Advisers

Youve got mail!Last week, the SEC unveiled a new feature of the IARD system: the ability to send e-mail messages to each “contact person” listed on SEC-registered advisers Form ADVs. The staff plans to use the feature to send out regulatory and compliance alerts, as well as firm-specific reminders. “Its going to send you notices 60 […]

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