ACA Insight on New Web Platform: Password Change Required

Dear ACA Insight reader,

We’re excited to tell you that ACA Insight is on a new website platform, one that will allow for better performance. The way ACA Insight looks will be very much the same, and the features you’ve grown accustomed to – the search engine, access to past issues and topics – will continue to be available.

If you have current access to ACA Insight, you will need to reset your password on the new site platform. To do that, click right here. This will take you to the Lost Password page, where you will be prompted to enter your user name or email. Then click “Send” and, after a few seconds, you will receive a notice saying that you will receive an email with directions to set your new password. Allow a few minutes for that email to arrive (although it may arrive fairly quickly). Once you set up your new password and it is accepted, you are all set!

If there are any concerns, please email or phone editor Robert Sperber (301-502-8718) or email or phone Sheila Beall (301-495-7850, ext. 9005).

Thanks very much.